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Sound clips

First Symphony

Symphony no 1 in Eb, op 8

  I Andante - Allegro
  II Molto vivace
  III Andante
  IV Allegro

Second Symphony

Symphony no 2 in Cm, op 25

  I Allegro pesante
  II Allegro giocoso
  III Andante con variazione
  IV Allegro vivace

The Sirens

Symphonic Poem The Sirens, op 33

  Central section

Third Symphony

Symphony no 3 in Bm, op 42

  I Wandering Pilgrims: Ilya and Svyatogor (1)
  I Wandering Pilgrims: Ilya and Svyatogor (2)
  II Solovei the Brigand
  III Festival in the Palace of Prince Vladimir
  IV Heroic Deeds and Petrification of Ilya

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