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Life and times

Year Age Event
1875 0 Reinhold Moritsovich Glière born in Kiev on 11 January. Son of a woodwind instrument maker of Belgian (or some of his living relatives say German) extraction. Learned violin from an early age
1891 16 Entered Kiev Music School to study violin and composition
1894 19 Became pupil at Moscow Conservatory, studying composition under Taneyev, Ippolitov-Ivanov and Arensky
1900 25 Graduated from Moscow Conservatory. Pupils over the following years included Prokofiev, Miaskovsky and Khachaturian
1905 30 Lived in Berlin until 1907, where he studied conducting with Oskar Fried
1906 31 Symphony no 1 first performed in England at Queens Hall promenade concert
1908 33 Conducting debut in Russia
1908 33 Première of Symphony no 2
1908 33 Première of Symphonic Poem The Sirens
1911 62 Completed Symphony no 3
1913 38 Appointed Professor at Kiev Conservatory
1914 39 Appointed Director at Kiev Conservatory
1920 45 Appointed Professor of Composition at Moscow Conservatory, a post held until retirement in 1941
1927 52 International popularity came with the Ballet The Red Poppy
1937 62 Awarded the Order of the Red Banner
1938 63 Chairman of the Management Committee of the Moscow Union of Composers, until 1948
1938 63 Named People's Artist of the USSR
1941 66 Retired
1956 81 Died in Moscow on 23 June

Glière's last resting place

Visit Gliere's grave in Novo-Devichy (Nowodjewchij) Cemetery in Moscow. This cemetery contains other famous composers, performers and public figures (such as Prokofiev, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Chekhov, Gromyko, Khrushchev, David Oistrakh, Sviatoslav Richter).